Phone, Phone baby c’mon- i love to text yah. (bang bang baby c’mon parody)

Hullo! I’m bored. But the youngest human just got a braaaand neeeew phooooone as she called it. not staying very dedicated to your whole dominance to dogs expedition human. I am a dog, so I don’t really see a point to these shiny black boxes, but what do I know, like I said, I’m only a dog.


Going Wolf

“I’ve been thinking and I’ve decided to start focusing on your ancestry abilities. I’m pretty sure all dogs started out as wolves so for as much as possible I’m going to act like a wolf to keep Molly aka, THE BEAST, off of my back and assert me of total dominance to the dogs of this household.” Is what she said to me before going to bed.

Great. Another one of her attempts to assert dominance on us. She’s tried it before and failed, but this time, I’m not so sure. She has a pretty good plan.

I was lonely… #2

I just had a great idea!

What if someone ate a cake and dumped all the scraps on the floor and then Molly and I could eat cake all day. Except Molly is really mean and selfish and snips at the young human, though my owner doesn’t EVER believe her and always says the she’s her precious pooch and snuggles her like there’s no tomorrow. I believe that one day Molly might hurt the young human soon. I must keep an eye out for the big black beast.

I need to go comfort the young human, she just got snipped at again.

-Atara   a.k.a. tar-tar dog